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At Zion Hill Kennel, we believe that grooming is essential to a healthy and happy pet. Our professional groomer is committed to providing your pet with the best care in a friendly and relaxed environment. We take our time with each pet and give them the best quality service possible. Every animal is treated with love, patience, and respect. Our professional groomer offers over 15 years of experience and is trained to style cats and dogs of any breed or size. We offer a wide range of services so your pet will always look and feel its very best!


All our grooming is done by appointment only. Each groom is custom designed to fit each individual dog(s) or cat(s) needs. The groomer meets with the pet owner before their grooming to get detailed information about what the owner would like done. The groomer ask specific questions to ensure your pet receives the best quality groom and turns out just the way you like it.


Please call to speak with the groomer and set up an appointment today. Grooming appointments can only be made over the phone with the groomer. Thank you. 

NAil Trims

$10 Nail Trims

$15 Dremel Nails

Full ServiCE BAth

Full Service Bath includes: Bathing with one of our Professional Shampoos, carefully selected to fit your dogs specific needs for their coat and skin type. Brush out with dematting when needed. Eyes and Ears cleaned. Nails trimmed or Dremeled. 

Full Service GRooming

Full Service Grooming Includes: Clip of your choice that is carefully discussed with the groomer to ensure exactly what you are looking for. Bathing with one of our Professional Shampoos, carefully selected to fit your dogs specific needs for their coat and skin type. Brush out with dematting when needed. Eyes and Ears cleaned. Nails trimmed or Dremeled. 

Additional Services

-Ears Plucked

-Anal Glands Expressed

-Teeth Brushing

*Grooming prices vary depending on size and length of time to groom. No two pets are alike, just as no two grooming's are alike. Rough quotes can be given over the phone however, we can not give you a true price until we groom your pet. Please contact the groomer with any grooming questions.*

Cancellation Policy

Grooming is booked by appointment only. A 48-hour cancellation policy is required to cancel your grooming appointment. A $25 fee will be charged for any appointment not cancelled 48-hours in advance. Any no call/no show appointment will require full payment for grooming at the time of next booking. Grooming Staff has the right to refuse any pet for any reason.

Meet The Groomer


Lesley Wendt

Lesley Wendt, the head groomer and owner of Zion Hill Kennel, started her grooming career when she was 13 years old. She worked for a local groomer, who taught her everything she needed to know about bathing and clipping dogs and cats. Her career in grooming started off by bathing and brushing out dogs. As time went on, her curiosity in grooming led to her learning more and more about the breeds and their clips. Clip after clip, year after year, Lesley started perfecting her skills in grooming. In 2008, Lesley graduated with a degree in Applied Animal Science from the University of New Hampshire. After college Lesley became a Veterinary Technician working at a local Vet Hospital doing both veterinary technician work as well as being their only groomer. In 2012, Lesley worked at two different grooming locations. One in Brentwood, NH and the other in Kittery, Maine. It wasn't until 2016 that Lesley was able to finally purchased her own home in Lebanon, Maine where she built up her grooming shop and continued to serve the Maine and New Hampshire area right out of her home grooming shop. It wasn't long before Lesley was outgrowing her space and needed to expand. But her passion wasn't just in Grooming. She saw there was a need for proper pet care, where pets were treated like family. A place where dogs could play all day and spend the night if needed, where owners didn't have to worry, because they knew their pets were in the best hands. That's when she decided to open Zion Hill Kennel. 


Lesley's whole life has always been dedicated to animals of all shapes and sizes. Her compassion and patience puts her above the standard for grooming. Many people who know Lesley, know the amazing ability she has to groom dogs and cats that no one else is able to do. She's not afraid to try. She has patience and truly gets to know and understand each and every pet she comes into contact with. 

If it involves animals, Lesley is apart of it. From rescuing horses, raising puppies, showing dogs, showing horses, and even fundraising for local shelters and rescues. Lesley has a huge heart for animals and owns many of her own in all shapes and sizes. If it involves animals, most likely, Lesley has done it or is apart of it. She is a true animal lover through and through. 

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