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Zion Hill Kennel

Our Kennel

Zion Hill Kennel is beautiful 4.6 acre property with a view of the land's natural spring fed pond, located on Berry Road in New Durham, NH. The property was purchased by the Wendt Family in May of 2020 with the intent to bring great dog care back to the New Durham, NH area. With a lot of hard work and dedication, Zion Hill Kennel was finally able to open their doors in June of 2021. 

The kennel has 8 parking spaces to the right of the property, with a gravel walkway leading to the front door. For added safety measures, you have to enter a gated area prior to entering the front door. Once in the building, you will be greeted by our friendly staff. To the left is our Daycare room. To the front, behind our counter, is our grooming room. To the right is our Main Kennel. Outback has a brand new fully fenced in play yard, with multiple play yards. We strive to provide only the best for each and every one of our doggy guest. Please let us know how we can better serve you and your pets. 

Our Story

How we got our name:

Back in August of '98 the Wendt Family had lost their little dog. They ended up adopting a Shih Tzu and a Great Dane that had lived together all of their lives. Sabbeth was their first experience ever owning a Great Dane but it opened Lesley's heart to the breed. The name "Zion" came from that first Dane, "Sabbeth Zion," who is pictured below.

Lesley has spent her lifetime caring for all sorts of animals. If you ask around, most people know the name "Zion Hill." Whether its through her long time, home-based grooming business, her horseback riding lesson program or even her Great Danes she breeds. They all carry the same name, "Zion Hill."

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